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Nov 21, 2019

How is your nutrition as we enter the last six weeks of the year and start off 2020? 

Nutrition is often a challenge that so many face when it comes to the Body Project Goals- regardless if it's weight loss or muscle gain, or just plain feeling energized and good in your body. Nutrition is the fuel for you machine. 

My guest today is Amy Sherman.  Amy is a former NCAA Basketball athlete, is a Certified Holistic & Sports Nutritionist and CF-L2 Trainer and is the founder of Honey Bee Meals: a Toronto Based Meal Delivery Service that supports her clients weight loss or muscle tone success. 

This is a great conversation to kick off our New Year New You Series on how you can get started or even level up wherever you are on your fitness journey with your nutrition.

Find out more about Amy and her amazing service at

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