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Sep 18, 2023

One of the powerful accountability structures inside my 100 DAY Fit Mind & Body program is weekly check ins.  The encompasses mindset check ins about progress, wins and challenges as well as metrics around measurments and non-scale victories.  These check ins are powerful in that I get a snapshot on progress which allows me to make tweaks and coach from here as well as.

This week I received a powerful check in from one of our new member that she is feeling amazing, her energy is amazing and her progress is as well.  She has lost 8.89lbs to date within two and a half week.  This is AMAZING--- and a SIDE EFFECT of the work and execution of a well thought out plan.

This matters.  A plan and execution is very important in the realm of health, wellness and fat loss. 

I wanted to share a brief overview of the importance of a plan as well as what you can ask yourself to get you on track with your own fitness and fat loss journey. 

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