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Dec 25, 2019

VERSION 2.0 IN 2020 ✨

The end of the year is time to reflect on some of my lessons, so of the great podcast guests we’ve had and what’s coming up in 2020. 

What am I most proud of this past year?




Business Mission

Future Vision


Are you taking the time to look at the past year and celebrate and acknowledge what made you feel proud of yourself?


It is time to SHIFT the way you  look at your life, your health and fitness.

Do you remember when your software system upgrade to the version 2.0? Same as before, just a little more optimized, maybe faster processing, more intuitive, lighter hardware, better configuration. Not revolutionary, just a little more improved but exactly what we needed - we didn’t even realize how much better our life would be with this version 2.0- do you feel me? .

I propose that you can upgrade your own hardware and software to up level this version you’re living in. 

Yes, your body. Yes, and your mindset. Yes, nutrition too. .

It’s exactly like when you start moving your body daily, and you never realized how amazing your body would feel right? .

So as we are closing down on 2020, ask yourself: What’s your version 2.0? .

What would you mastermind your upgraded version, like Elon Musk Style, to shift your mindset, shift the way you feel, shift the way your body feels and looks. .

I will be reimagining what my 2.0 will look like in 2020. .

How about you?


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