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Dec 10, 2018

Lyzabeth Lopez is a pioneer in the fitness & nutrition industry. Over her lengthy career as a health & fitness coach she has trained hundreds of thousands of women through her on-line training, her training App and her in-person gym franchise

Lyzabeth has over 10 years of post-secondary schooling & certifications in kinesiology, holistic nutrition, Pilates, kettlebell training, power lifting, spinning, pre-post natal fitness and almost every other method of fitness training. Lyzabeth has also spent an extensive amount of time training personal trainers world-wide though conferences, and her own Hourglass Workout Certification for trainers.

As a soon to be mommy, business owner (with her husband) and trainer, Lyzabeth is excited to see what the next chapter brings as she continues to stay ahead of the fitness curve and provide quality fitness products and information to women world-wide.  

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