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Sep 10, 2018

Brady is the energetic and inspiring owner of Encompass Fitness Studio, in Estevan, Saskatchewan, an up and coming speaker, and a soon to be author. Brady is passionate about empowering others to discover their potential, and believes fitness is a catalyst for people to first discover what they are capable of physically, and mentally, which translates into every area of their lives. Through her own journey with food and emotions, she realized that there is more to happiness than what you weigh, teaching women that body acceptance comes before weight loss, and is the key to overcoming emotional eating.

Encompass Fitness Studio is the 2017 recipient of the New Business of the Year award, and Brady has been recognized as a CanFitPro Trailblazer Woman of Influence, and as NPE's 2016 Member of the Year for Fastest Fitness Business Growth.

Find her at for all things fitness, wellness and optimizing your mindset.

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