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Jul 23, 2018

Spiritual Sport Coach, Nike Global Master Trainer, Fitness Presenter, Head Barry Bootcamp Coach, and creator of HIITBOX ™ LDN, Sonja Moses is a self-proclaimed fitness Bad-Ass, passionate about empowering people with strategies to approach life powerfully and teaching fitness methods to unravel any limiting beliefs.

Sonja is the creator of a revolutionary Fitness Event, partnered with the renowned Ministry of Sound, the HIIT BOX. This is a spiritual awakening meets fight night where Sonja marries music, boxing, theatrics, exercise, martial arts, and meditation.

Her vision in everything she touches is to give the people a fun but tough health and fitness experience that will awaken feelings of being unstoppable through self-empowerment. 

Find Sonja and her nest Ministry of Sound HIIT Box Event at


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